7 Signs You May Be Playing Too Much “MarioKart” Wii

Nintendo’s MarioKart is additive, especially with the ease of the Wii and it’s steering wheel. So here’s a few signs (some from personal experience) that may indicate when you really need to take a break from playing it:

  1. If you have children, you’ve changed each of their names to “Baby” something
  2. The steering wheel in your real car or truck feels large and awkward
  3. You see something in the middle of the street, and you run over it to increase your vehicle speed
  4. When exiting a banked freeway ramp, you try to drift using your “B” button
  5. When you’re not playing, you watch YouTube videos of other people’s Mario Kart races
  6. If a motorcycle starts to pass during your commute, you consider bumping it off the road
  7. After each race, you speak in glottal grunts and short phrases, like “Uh huh. Craig Win. Ha Ha Ha!”

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 21, 2008.

One Response to “7 Signs You May Be Playing Too Much “MarioKart” Wii”

  1. I can so relate ;0
    Sometimes I want to slam marbles into anthing that looks like a colorful 3some; gleaning increasing lives and points as I work my way up the Nile delta on my way to a secret piramid.

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