Disney: “The Ballad of Fess Parker”

Just located and downloaded a video of “The Ballad of Fess Parker,” my parody theme song medley (from Disney’s Davy Crockett and NBC’s Daniel Boone) that preceded my interview with the man himself at the 2004 Walt Disney Art Classics Convention.

Note: No adjustment of your computer is necessary. I’m playing a left-handed Taylor 414. And believe it or not, those ARE flashbulbs going off throughout the first part of the song. I think the audience was using me for a light meter before Fess came on stage.

The lyrics (below the video) do contain some Disney/Crockett “inside” humor (ie: Parker was chosen for the Crockett role over James Arness after Walt Disney saw him in the sci-fi classic Them), but knowing that Parker played a lot of roles in a coonskin cap before becoming a successful vintner & hotelier will probably suffice.


The Ballad of Fess Parker

Lyrics by Craig Hodgkins

Born in the lowlands of the Lone Star state
His acting style was quite sedate
When Walt saw Them, he couldn’t wait
To give him a role that would change his fate

It’s Fess, Fess Parker
Better than James Arness

So Walt cast him in the new TV show
And coonskin sales hit a new plateau
But the Crockett craze was dealt a blow
When they killed Davy off at the Alamo

Brilliant corporate planning
Twelve million kids just cried

But driving a wagon or a railroad car
He remained a favorite star
Now it’s been years since he’s kilt a b’ar
Today he’d rather serve you a Pinot Noir

So buy some “Fess Parker”
Available by the case

Yes, ol’ Fess is the man…He’s a big man
And his fame is transcendent
We see that his legend just grows
Yes, ol’ Fess is the man…He’s a big man
So it just doesn’t matter
That he wore the same hat for two shows

From the silver hair up on top of his head
To the toe of his six-five frame
He is a kind and generous soul
And we’re so glad he came

Yes, ol’ Fess is the man…He’s a big man
Whether Davy or Dan’l
We’d all tune the channel to you!

For some cool Fess Parker photos, click HERE.

craig hodgkins

PS: Special thanks to my buddy Chris Marcus for shooting this back in 2004!

~ by Craig Hodgkins on May 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Disney: “The Ballad of Fess Parker””

  1. Craig. Love the parody and I’ll bet Fess got a smile, too. Thanks for putting this up. I’ll be sure to throw this one in the Mountain Chalet singalong in Aspen during John Denver week in October–and I’ll tell ’em who wrote it. I’m still smiling!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Ed, and for stopping by. You’re welcome to the song, obviously! Fess did enjoy it, and it was great when he led the crowd in a verse of the REAL lyrics when he came on stage. I have the whole interview on video…it was a great event. I hope you checked out my posts on some of my other Disney events.

    Wish I could be in Aspen to hear you do the “Ballad”…I spent the summer of 1980 there. I rented a room in the Aspen Highlands from a friend’s family, worked all day/week up in Snowmass on a pipe laying crew, and spent every weekend downtown. Great memories!

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