An Inju-Wii-free Christmas? Nope.

This Christmas, the big family gift was a Wii console. It was a bit of a hassle just getting hold of one, but we did, and it is a huge hit. In addition to the Wii Sports game that comes with it, I also purchased Wii Play on the recommendation of some Best Buy staff members (who I got to know pretty well during my time in line). The three youngest members of the family have also been enjoying Super Mario Galaxy.

After playing (and experimenting) with everything for a few days, I have some observations.

First, the thing rocks. And the Mii’s (the digital people who inhabit Wii world) seem to be a cross between the characters in Veggietales and the old Playskool figurines. But I digress.

Second, at least with the Wii Sports games, the participant playing field is really level. My four year-old son can hold his own against teens and adults. He swings the “tennis racket” and “baseball bat” pretty well, and even beat the console opponent a couple of times. Last night we had six other family members over, aged eleven to eighty-nine, and everyone played something at least once, and had a good time. It was almost more fun creating personalized Mii’s for everyone, but I digress once again.

Third, I love all the visual warnings to “take a break from Wii’ing,” obviously because of sensitivities that the couch potato youth of the world are going to flab in a lard bucket. My favorite image is a blue line drawing of a Wii controller sitting on a coffee table while curtains hanging inside an open window flap in the breeze. Just what does it signify? That someone sweat so much while boxing that the house smelled like a locker room? That someone became so distraught after losing a match that they jumped?

Finally, unlike hand-held games such as the DS, you can really get a work-out using the controllers and nunchuks. The past three days, I boxed, bowled, played tennis and golf, and took on several teams of legless avatars in baseball. This morning I woke up, and had trouble lifting my arms above my head, so if kids around the world are playing Wii tennis and boxing, my confidence in their ability to maintain svelte, youthful waistlines is restored.

But you do have to be careful. If you don’t stretch beforehand, you may suffer an inju-Wii, just like Mii.

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on December 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “An Inju-Wii-free Christmas? Nope.”

  1. way to go scoring a wii !!!

  2. Can’t let your brood have all the fun!

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