My 15 Minutes of Blog Fame

It’s much sweeter when you don’t see it coming.

A few days ago, while checking on my blog stats, I noticed an incoming referral link I’d not seen before. It was from BookFinder, the largest book meta-search site in the world, one I’d used countless times since it was created ten years ago as a class project by a nineteen year-old student at Cal. I have a link to it in my blogroll.

It seems that Anirvan Chatterjee (the afore-mentioned site founder) had happened across one of my posts while searching for something he actually wanted to find, and he was kind enough to write a brief post in his on-line journal about it and one other post of mine*. He also added three links to my site, one each for the two posts, and one for my “about Craig Hodgkins” page. The journal is on the main page, right beside the site’s search engine information fields, so it’s quite prominent.

Over the next hour or so, other incoming referral links appeared. It seems a kind soul at the Library and Information Services News site spotted the BookFinder journal and added a link to my story. In short order, a prolific blogger in the UK (normblog) linked to (and quoted from) it, and someone at the Amazon Seller Community began a thread about it. Several other folks linked through from Bloglines, and Google Reader.

All this because of a post I wrote more than 4 months ago. Go figure.

Speaking of figures, by the end of the day, visits to my blog had tripled (over my usual average) to more than 600, and Day 2 remained strong. I know visits and page clicks will be back to “normal” levels within a couple of days, but it sure has been fun!

craig hodgkins

*The two posts were “Books: Frank Fenton and “A Place in the Sun” and “How I Finally Satisfied My Wife with a Lavender Blue Strawberry Choo-Choo Train.”

~ by Craig Hodgkins on December 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “My 15 Minutes of Blog Fame”

  1. This is so cool, Craig! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks, Jan. It was heady for a while, but I’m solidly back with the hoi polloi now.

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