Answering Your Un-asked Questions

I’m fascinated by how people arrive here. Some intend to (like those who Google “Craig Hodgkins”), but others clearly don’t. Face it. Most blogs — mine included — rely heavily on serendipity, proximity and timing. But I enjoy trying to decipher what folks were looking for when they input the search terms they did, ending up here along the journey.

Behind nearly every Google search is a question…a question that often remains unasked. So I’ve tried to work backwards from a month of Word Press search engine terms to address the possible questions behind them.

Some are obvious. For example, I receive several hits a day from people clearly wanting to know where the movie dialog, “Get it? Got it. Good.” originated. Fortunately, the detailed answer is available for the clicking on my “About That Blog Title” page (BTW, it’s from The Court Jester, a 1956 Danny Kaye film), which also highlights all five times the exchange occurs AND has two links to the complete screenplay.

But there are other questions which are only inferred, so I’ll take an extrapolated run at the answers to ten of them here:

  1. The name “Allen wrench” (a popular moniker for the hex wrench packaged in IKEA furniture) comes from the Allen Manufacturing Company, which began making hex wrenches in 1943.
  2. The list of E-Ticket rides at Disneyland evolved as new rides were added (Space Mountain in 1977, Big Thunder in 1980, etc.) and old ones were downgraded to “D” or “C” status, but check out this link for a look at that first E-ticket from 1959.
  3. Cary Grant never said “Get it Got it Good” in any film I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen nearly all of his films. Jimmy Cagney did NOT say it in One, Two, Three.
  4. Selected “Shower of Stars” programs (and hundreds of others) are available on DVD/VHS from Skokus Video HERE. The show with the Mary Costa/Rory Calhoun duet (who are NOT listed on the show’s credits) I blogged about features Johnnie Ray and Nanette Fabray.
  5. Kathryn Beaumont did her own singing in both Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.
  6. Judith Dunham left The Seekers in 1968 to pursue a solo singing career. The group reunited in 1993 for a series of concerts. Many videos of them are available for viewing on YouTube.
  7. Fess Parker’s wife’s name is Marcella (nee Rinehart). They married in 1960.
  8. None of the Eddie Cantor/Goldwyn musicals from 1932-36 are currently available on DVD. And yes, it is a real bummer.
  9. I don’t know why serial killers tend to be left-handed.
  10. I satisfied my wife on one occasion by finding her a book she’d been searching for since before we married (“Beyond the Pawpaw Trees” by Palmer Brown). How you satisfy your wife is up to you (and her).

Of course, there have been a few which defy any logic…which don’t fit anything I’ve blogged about. My recent favorite of these is “Diane Kenton Nude.” This must be one of those “proximity” hits, because my wife is named Diane, and I have a link to R. Kenton Nelson, a favorite artist of mine. But the word “nude” has never appeared on these pages, at least until now. I’ve never even blogged about denuded forests.

That’s it for now. Good luck searching, and don’t be shy about asking questions.

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on September 1, 2007.

2 Responses to “Answering Your Un-asked Questions”

  1. Wow, you’ve really thought this through haven’t you? 🙂

  2. Yeah, I probably need to get out more.

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