Screenplay Competition Update #2

The results are in, and…

I didn’t make the finals of the 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Trust me…I’m disappointed, more so than I even thought I would be, and yet I’m thrilled to have my first screenplay chosen as one of the final 25 scripts in the PAGE Drama category. I advanced much farther than I’d thought possible. And now that my season of screenwriting contests is over (for now), please excuse another self-promotional moment. Here’s the final contest results for my screenplay, Home & Away:

  • 2006 American-Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition: Quarter-Finalist (Top 10% of 2,500 entries)
  • 2007 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition: Quarter-Finalist (Top 10% of 2,400 entries)
  • 2007 Writers on the Storm Screenwriting Contest: Received a “Recommend” rating, but did not make the Quarter-Finals (out of 947 entries)
  • 2007 Scriptapalooza Competition – Quarter-Finalist (Top 300 of 3,800 entries)
  • 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards – Semi-Finalist in the Drama Category (Top 25 in Drama Category. 3,411 total entries)

This has been a great learning experience. I’ve posted this before, but it remains true. I’m hard at work on a couple of other projects, in addition to being hard at work at…uh…work.

Let me know if you’re interested in buying and producing a pretty good screenplay (4 out of 5 contests recommend Home and Away for their patients who buy screenplays!)

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on August 30, 2007.

One Response to “Screenplay Competition Update #2”

  1. Craig – I’m a playwright (8yrs of writing) who is wandering into screen writing. I finished my 1st screenplay. I like the screen play but the overall response from fellow writers is far more enthusiastic than expected. They think I should send it out to some competitions… All that said, are their any screen writing competitions you recommend over others?


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