Family Night at Circus Vargas

Thursday night, our family did something we’d never done. We went to the circus.

Why? Well, when your four year-old asks, it’s hard for dad to say no. It’s even harder when he asks mom, and then SHE asks you. Seeing the large tent appear overnight in the parking lot of the local mall was too much for Eric to resist, so we decided to take a shot.

I’d attended Cirque du Soleil in Orlando and O in Las Vegas, so I already knew where Eastern European gymnasts find work when they don’t make their respective Olympic teams. Although Circus Vargas doesn’t aspire to that level of extravaganza, the show was a solid entertainment value at just over two hours. Even my teenager (Emily) admitted it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

The Yeromenko’s

The Yeromenkos perform their impressive high bar routine

My pre-teen daughter (Erin) enjoyed the whole show, but especially the lights-out strobe effect some of the acts employed. Highlights for me were The Yeromenkos (four gymnasts from the Ukraine), Marinelli’s Stupendous Trampoline Acrobatics, and The Flying Tabares. On the ground, there was a fine juggler with the largest uninterrupted smile I’d ever seen. Thankfully, there were no scary clowns, just baggy-pants buffoons of the horn-honking, pratfalling variety. Of course, we had to sit through a fifteen minute intermission designed to sell more light sabers, programs and balloons on a stick while the high wire net was set up, but after all my years at Disney, I’m impervious to the upsell.

I also applaud the teamwork of the circus folk…everyone seems to handle multiple jobs. Our ticket-taker even showed up in a couple of the costumed production numbers. It was fun, clean, safe and — above all — entertaining.

Most importantly, Eric had a fine time, which was a good thing, since it was his idea in the first place.

craig hodgkins

Photo copyright (c) 2007 Tabares Entertainment, INC. All rights reserved.

~ by Craig Hodgkins on August 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “Family Night at Circus Vargas”

  1. we tagged you. it’s not as fun as it looks, but i believe blogging etiquette says you must play

  2. I’ll play, so check back later today. It may even be as fun as the circus!

  3. That is a very nice posting regarding Circus Vargas. It is a fun circus. We are known as The Wolf People, as several of our family members are born with Hypertrichosis. Last year, Chuy the Wolf Boy, and I, the Wolf Clown performed on Circus Vargas. Yet, this years line seems better than last years. We hope to return with Circus Vargas after September 24, 2007. We are glad you and your kids enjoyed the show.

  4. Thanks for visiting. Circus folk are always welcome here!

  5. Dear Sirs,

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  6. Sorry, but it’s not my circus. I just watched it.

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