…and I’m NOT a Scriptapalooza Semi-finalist!

Oh, well…the Scriptapolooza semi-finalist list came out yesterday, and neither my screenplay (HOME and AWAY) nor my name were/are on it (You can check it for yourself). But before I throw myself under a bus, train or other public conveyance, I must face facts: Being chosen as a quarter-finalist in that monster competition is nothing at which to sneeze.

Besides, there’s a larger issue here. I’m a bit concerned that the folks at the 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards didn’t get the same memo — the one that states I must be a quarter-finalist — that went to the American Zoetrope, Bluecat, Writers on the Storm and Scriptapoloza judges. What are the folks at PAGE thinking, flying in the face of conformity and allowing me to sneak onto their list of SEMI-finalists, still alive in the Top 25?

Will the PAGE awards rectify their egregious error and demote me before this charade goes any further? Will competitions I didn’t even enter include me on THEIR lists of quarter-finalists out of a sense of duty? Will I ever cease posting about screenwriting competitions? Tune in on (or around) August 30th to find out!

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on August 7, 2007.

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