GIGIG Road Trip: Day 3

We had breakfast at Don Taylor’s Omelette Express in Santa Rosa’s historic railroad square, where there was a line out the door (which formed, fortunately enough, right after we were seated). After that, we were finally off to that west coast skating mecca: the Redwood Empire Ice Arena. The girls couldn’t skate during the freestyle session (it had been set aside for local club skaters only), but they got on the ice at the start of public skating and had a good workout before things got too crowded. While Emily and Erin skated, Diane, Eric and I hunkered down at the corner table in the Warm Puppy Cafe, where we could nibble, nosh and sip without missing an axel.

After skating (and a quick stop at the gift shop), we drove west to wander the streets and stores of downtown Sebastopol (Thumbs up to Copperfield’s Books). A few toy purchases later (mostly for Eric), it was further west on the highway to the Bodega Bay (insert Alfred Hitchcock joke here) for dinner at Claudio’s Trattoria (sorry, not The Tides). After dinner, we stopped to snap a few photos looking across the bay to where Mitch Brenner’s house would have been had he not been a fictitious character in The Birds. Rod Taylor fan that I am, I couldn’t resist.

Craig across the bay from the “Brenner” home

Craig turns his back on Bodega Bay and the fictitious Brenner estate

As we left Bodega Bay, I realized we’d unintentionally pulled off a poor man’s Birds weekend. As fans of the film know, it opens with a shot of Tippi Hedren walking up Powell Street across from San Francisco’s Union Square (just before we see Hitchcock walking his two dogs), the same Union Square where we’d lunched the day before! I know…nobody cares about that stuff but me. More tomorrow!

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on August 4, 2007.

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