…and I’m a Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist!

I’m baaaaack, with an update of yesterday’s update.

HOME and AWAY, currently the most talked about movie script in my house, has been selected as a Quarter-Finalist in the 9th Annual Scriptapalooza Int’l Screenplay Competition. Just 311 scripts remain out of 3,511 entries, and I wrote one of them. Wow. Embolded by the recent good news from the PAGE Competition, I opened the Scriptapalooza email, scrolled confidently to the “H’s,” and there we were…my screenplay and me.

Seems like months ago when I wrote about all of this in GIGIG post #1.

Guess I’ll keep at it.

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 31, 2007.

5 Responses to “…and I’m a Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist!”

  1. You’re going to be famous. Wow!

  2. But I’ve never been photographed palling around with American Idol contestants.

  3. congrats! that’s great! will you still remember us lowly screenwriters when you’re scoring mid six figures?

  4. I may gross six figures…over a ten year period. And probably spend it all on entry fees! Seriously, I’m jazzed about PAGE (never thought I’d see the Top 25) and Scriptapalooza. They are major competitions. Thanks for the props (and the link!).

  5. Josh is just a celebrity stalker, probably made those pictures in photoshop… creep… (hehe)

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