I’m G-Rated!

This just in…

GIGIG is G-rated. Does that mean I have too many “G’s” in my title? Or that I should mix in a few “TV words” to spice things up? Nah.

“Get it Got it…Good for the Whole Family,” I say.

get rated

A tip of the GIGIG cap to Kurt Johnston for stealing this from Matt Doan’s blog to post on his blog so I could steal it from Kurt and post it on mine.

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “I’m G-Rated!”

  1. You know, Dad-o, I think there are some topics needing coverage on your blog-o (which is very good, by the way):
    *Nancy Drew computer games (!)
    *ice skating (when it’s in season)
    *TV shows we watch (Get Smart, That Girl, etc.)
    *The Seekers (That would be cool)
    *More books! (You have a million…)
    *Joe’s Italian Ice (Yummmm)
    *Actually, I think you should do a “book of the day” thing…ooh
    *The Greatest Book Quotes of All Time
    *Santa Rosa (and Napa, of course)
    *Me (now THAT’S interesting)
    *More Disney facts and stuff (you have MORE than a million)
    *Hilarious jokes, moments, things
    You’re probably really bored with this by now, so I’ll stop.
    Hope your blogging goes well and please take into consideration the ideas listed above. Thank you.

    p.s. that wasn’t really about your post, was it?

  2. thanks, em-o. I’m working up a “get smart” post for this weekend (you’ll make a courtesy appearance), but that ‘book of the day’ thing would kill me. Besides, I’d run out of books to write about…in about ten years. And you’re the ice skating expert, so why don’t you start your own blog?

  3. i would if i could 😉

  4. I’ll talk to your mom.

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