Tag, I’m It

My good friend Kurt Johnston tagged me yesterday on his blog with a game of role playing fill-in’s in response to the question: “IF YOU HAD TO BE A _____________ (who would you be and why).” Since I frequently struggle when choosing between paper and plastic, this may be a bit of an effort. But here goes:

1. FAMOUS PERSON FROM HISTORY: Abraham Lincoln, right up to the point when John Wilkes Booth entered Ford’s Theater. He was a man of humor, conviction and grace, and I don’t believe we’ll see his like again.

2. CELEBRITY: Jay Leno. I’d rather interview celebrities than be one, and I think Jay is one of the hardest working guys in the business.

3. ATHLETE: Carson Palmer, for some of the reasons I chose Abraham Lincoln, and because I just picked him up as starting QB in my fantasy football league. No steroids, no (alledged) dogfights and stripclubs, just focused, team-oriented work. His determination to recover from a potentially career ending injury was inspirational.

4. FAMOUS MUSICIAN: There are many musicians I admire from many genres, but I’ll go with Dave Brubeck, who did much to popularize and extend the reach of modern jazz without compromising or watering it down. His recordings with Paul Desmond and the DB Quartet are amazing studies in craft, and are in heavy rotation on iTunes when I’m in writing mode.

5. CHRISTIAN MOVER AND SHAKER: Os Guinness: author, speaker, gentleman, public intellectual. I consider his book, “The Call” to be one of my most influential and inspirational reads. I admire his ability to remain in the conversation with everyone. He embodies Wilberforce’s passion for truth and grace in the public forum. On top of all that, he is a genuinely nice man.

Okay, I’ll tag Matt and Jan, who may have each done this before. As Kurt requested; the categories must stay the same.


~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tag, I’m It”

  1. I am so excited to be myself that these questions are really hard for me to consider. Perhaps this is pride, perhaps this is contentment. I’ll go with my first impulse because I don’t really spend that much time wondering what it would be like someone else.

    1. FAMOUS PERSON FROM HISTORY: The King in Nineveh during the days of Jonah. I’d love to see if Jonah was really nasty from being in a fish for three days. Also, I’d love to see the conflict in his eyes as he told a message he didn’t want to share. I love internal conflict. I don’t really know many people from history, maybe I’d be the guy who never told a lie (George Washington maybe?) because I don’t like lies.
    2. CELEBRITY: Tina Fey. It’s not that I want to be a girl, she’s just really funny.
    3. ATHLETE: I once saw Chrisitan Okye working out and each one of his legs were bigger than my stomach is now (and I’m 305). So I would be him.
    4. FAMOUS MUSICIAN: I would be anyone from the band Metallica, with the exception of Dave Mustaine and the temporary bass player.
    5. CHRISTIAN MOVER AND SHAKER: no comment.

  2. I’m excited that you are you. And that’s no lie.

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