Start the Work Week with a Good Google…

With Hairspray, Harry Potter and “How To” articles topping the blog charts today, I will celebrate my “H-ness” (or is that “Aich-ness”?) by Googling myself. You’ve done it before, I know. It’s the low-hanging breakfast fruit for those with early morning writer’s blog, er, block. Besides, it’s always fun to start the work week with a good Google.

Let’s see…computer on, name in quotation marks (without them I get a long list of “Craig’s” who have Hodgkin’s disease, which always makes me feel a little guilty). Enter. Hmmm. Seems as if I have several of me to choose from:

  • Executive Producer of Small Group Curriculum at Saddleback. That’s me. Well, it was me a couple of job titles ago.
  • The President of Marine Growth Ventures, also former president and GM of the Flamingo in Las Vegas. Not me, but I may try to pass for him someday.
  • A former Marine and Senior Instructor for the All Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan Karate & Kobudo Federation who holds a 6th Degree Black Belt and lives in Pittsburgh. Not me either, but I will be really, really careful now with what I blog about Pittsburgh.
  • An event host for Disney in 1999, 2000, 2001, etc. They’re me too.
  • A drummer for the Williamwood Pipe Band in Glasgow, Scotland. Not me, but maybe there’s a slot for marching ukelele.
  • Someone who has run road races in Melbourne, Australia (finished 14th!); Yarmouth, Maine and Merritt Island, Florida. Either it’s the same guy with lots of time and travel miles, or I need to be in much better shape to have the name Craig Hodgkins.
  • Some guy who caught a TD pass from QB Steve Feuerbach in the Napa High vs. Vintage High cross-town rival “big game.” That’s me, like…a thousand years ago. The collective memory of the internet is amazing.

Not too exciting today, but I’ll try again — with a much more interesting search topic — next Monday.

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Start the Work Week with a Good Google…”

  1. The “every-once-in-awhile-I-Google-myself” syndrome is probably pretty widespread I expect. The way I handled finding out about the vast number of other “Bob Bennetts” online is to put up a page in the links section of my own modest web site ( called ALL THE OTHER BOBS. Don’t know if it’s every been useful to anybody, but it was fun doing it … and on the “Bob Bennett” name page at Wikipedia, some kind soul added the link there! All I know is that despite the number of “Craig Hodgkinses” (is that the correct plural?) out there, you’ll always be my Craig …. …. wait a minute, that sounds creepy. I’m stopping now. Best regards, Bob.

  2. Your site’s probably where I stole the idea in the first place, Bob. And you’re much more useful than a bunch of Craig Hodgkinses, especially now with “Matters of the Heart” and “Non-fiction” back in print. I’m downloading them off of iTunes tonight!

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