A GIGIG List (“Craig’s List” was taken)

It’s Saturday, and you’re too busy to read a regular GIGIG post.

But you need a little something extra to jump-start that sweaty date-night conversation with a special someone. So, like an optometrist dialing in your vision, we bring clarity with a GIGIG List of “This…or This” questions scientifically formulated to keep you yammering happily (or stubbornly, if you’re that sort) into the wee hours:

  • Paper or Plastic?
  • Boxers or Briefs?
  • Morning Person or Night Owl?
  • Young Elvis or Old, Fat Elvis? (didn’t the USPS already ask this?)
  • Sue Grafton or Michael Connelly?
  • Zither or Autoharp?
  • Fullscreen or Letterboxed?
  • Ford or Chevy?
  • Old Darren or New Darren?
  • Beach or Mountains?
  • 867-5309 or Pennsylvania 6-5000?
  • Burritos or Burgers?
  • Donald or Daffy?
  • Flannel or Silk?
  • Bullet Points or Numbers?

If a few of these — judiciously peppered throughout the evening — don’t ignite a discussion rivaling “My Dinner with Andre,” then our PR agency will have some real explaining to do come Monday morning.

What do you think? Post your own “This…or This?” questions.

craig hodgkins

~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “A GIGIG List (“Craig’s List” was taken)”

  1. Okay, I’ll bite:

    * Paper or Plastic? Paper
    * Boxers or Briefs? Both, depending on the occasion
    * Morning Person or Night Owl? same as above
    * Young Elvis or Old, Fat Elvis? (didn’t the USPS already ask this?) Old, Fat Elvis is more sympathetic at this point in my life
    * Sue Grafton or Michael Connelly? Michael Connelly
    * Zither or Autoharp? Autoharp
    * Fullscreen or Letterboxed? Letterboxed
    * Ford or Chevy? A 76 Chevy Impala is my dream car
    * Old Darren or New Darren? New Darren
    * Beach or Mountains? Both – I’m from Hawaii
    * 867-5309 or Pennsylvania 6-5000? Jenny Jenny, but remember Beachwood 4-5-7-8-9?
    * Burritos or Burgers? Burritos – gotta cut down on meat.
    * Donald or Daffy? Daffy
    * Flannel or Silk? er, depends on the occasion
    * Bullet Points or Numbers? numbers if your doc will be discussed in a group setting

  2. On my fat Elvis days, I skip boxers and briefs completely and reach for the oversized flannel robe…the one with the burrito stain. Of course, as Fat Elvis, I can only be seen in letterbox.

  3. Daffy!

  4. Burrito!

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