Screenplay Competition(s) Update

Thanks for asking, those of you who have. For those who haven’t, please excuse this brief self-promotional moment. Here’s the contest results for my screenplay, “Home & Away,” to date:

  • 2006 American-Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition: Quarter-Finalist (Top 10% of 2,500 entries)
  • 2007 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition: Quarter-Finalist (Top 10% of 2,400 entries)
  • 2007 Writers on the Storm Screenwriting Contest: Received a “Recommend” rating, but did not make the Quarter-Finals (out of 947 entries)
  • 2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards – Quarter-Finalist (Top 25% of 3,411 entries), and still alive in the Semi-Finals
  • 2007 Scriptapalooza Competition – Semi-Finalists announced August 7

All things considered, this has been a great learning experience. I’ve received some valuable feedback from at least one contest, with more to come. Several readers have had nice things to say…now if I could just find someone with a checkbook to like it!

I’ll blog in when some more contest dates pass.

craig hodgkins


~ by Craig Hodgkins on July 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Screenplay Competition(s) Update”

  1. thanks for the sidebar attention. i still have a script i’d love to send along to you pretty soon.

    in the meantime, here’s something to make you feel better (at least it did for me…momentarily):

  2. You’re welcome, Adam, and thanks as well. As for the script, bring it on! I’ll give it a good “Quarter-Finalist” once-over.

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